Webinar 30/04/2020

What you can and cant do

CIPI Permit information

Firstly thank you to all those who attended the webinar today. It was great to have such engagement and positivity. 

Many things were discussed and hopefully people are now more informed than before. The situation changes on an almost daily basis, so please keep monitoring the web site.

Just to recap:

At this time, no therapist, nail techs, hairdressers, or somatologists are allowed to do any treatments whatsoever.

If you do, you are breaking the law and you and the client are liable for heavy fines and possible imprisonment.

You are allowed to retail products from your salon, whether it is home based or shopping mall or anything in between.

However, the products are restricted and must fall into the description in the table on the right.

The full document can be downloaded HERE 

Retailing requirements

If you do wish to retail, you do need a CIPC permit. Click HERE to apply

If your business is not a company registered with the CIPC, for example, a Sole Proprietor, then you do not have to give confirmation of your classification as an essential service or goods provider from the CIPC, prior to continuing with your business activities to retail essential goods classified as personal toiletries as outlined above.


However, a sole proprietor will have to write a letter stating who your company is, that you are in charge of the company and that the company provides essential goods as per the regulations. An example of such letter is Form 2, Permit to perform an essential or permitted service as attached. When retailing and or delivering purchased goods, this permit must be presented along with proof of identification when inspected by the authorities. If you don’t have an official stamp for your company, attach a business card or company letterhead. Download Form 2 HERE

This is an extract for information complied by Frik Bekker of the Bargaining Council. Please click HERE for the full document.

Aesthetic Treatments
We sought legal advice regarding aesthetic treatments and at this time, only doctors can carry out aesthetic treatments and those must be medical treatments as opposed to aesthetic treatments. You can view the document

Your Rent
If you are struggling to pay your rent on your business premises you should talk to your landlord, explain your situation and negotiate, the same with any other suppliers you owe money to. Make contact and don't hide from your responsibilities. We are all in this together and creditors must also be flexible.

If you need further help, please email info@probeauty.co.za and we will try to help

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