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Last year the annual Professional Beauty & NailFile Nail Design Challenge placed a major focus on Nail Design, with a variety of exciting categories to enter into to suit everyone’s skill level. Attracting numerous, outstanding entries in both the Showcase Tip Box & Photographic categories, as well as the live Nail Design categories. This year we hope to see even more phenomenal entries with the introduction of the bi-monthly NailFile Photographic Nail Design competitions, which have been taking place.


Entries for the Showcase competition must be handed in by no later than the 26th of August, the top three competitors and winners in each of the showcase categories will be awarded their prizes on Sunday 1st of September along with all the other Nail competition categories being held in conjunction with the Professional Beauty JHB exhibition. The top 3 finalists and winners will also be featured in the post-show issue of Professional Beauty & NailFile magazine. 

  • Showcase Photographic Nail Design Competition

      THEME: "Mary Poppins Returns"

Capture your artistic skills in the form of a photograph and create a beautiful set of Nails done with any style or type of nail Design and send in a professional photo of your work to be judged. The pre-chosen theme must follow through the entire photograph and step-by-step presentation.


Light up the lamps on Cherry Tree lane and get creative as a rather extraordinary nanny with magical powers. In this new take of one of the most memorable Disney musicals of all time, with singing and dancing, mixing live-action and animation with a sketchy comic book edge and spectacular ensembles. This entertaining film takes you on an underwater adventure courtesy of a bath; take a trip into the enchanted world of a vase and dance upside down in a topsy-turvy building. A delightful imaginary theme, allowing the nail stylist complete artistic freedom, to create fun, fabulous nail designs.

  • Tip Box Nail Design Competition  

      THEME "Aquaman"

Get creative beyond your wildest imagination and create a Tip Box Showcase Nail Design display, done in any style or type of Nail Design to be judged. The pre-chosen theme must follow through the entire display and step-by-step presentation.


This fantasy adventure story is the perfect theme to inspire your artistic abilities. The half-human half-Atlantean has to embrace his destiny and powers as protector of the deep. Torn between land and sea Arthur must fight to stake his claim of the throne, and retrieve the legendary golden trident that belonged to the ancient king Atlan. Set against the backdrop of the underwater kingdom Atlantis, the vibrant ocean colours and dramatic characters are sure to get your inventiveness flowing.

It only costs R100 to enter, please bring along your cash when dropping off your entry or you may pay via EFT (Details found on the entry form and Rules and Regulations) Download here

*Your work/designs for the Showcase competition must be handed in by no later than the 26th of August

Thank you to our Sponsors

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