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NailFile Competition winners 

NailFile announces ‘Swinging Sixties’ winner

Chantelle Ayres is the winner of the NailFile ‘Swinging Sixties’ Nail Design Challenge for a set of nails the judges described as ‘phenomenal’ and ‘beautifully done with every detail on point’.


They were super-impressed with Chantelle’s unique take on the ‘Swinging Sixties’ theme – Vogue fashion, models & ‘it girls’ of the 1960s – and the way she translated it onto her nails.


The judges also praised Juanita Bester (2nd place) and Candida De Lange (3rd place) for their colourful and vibrant sets, which were so well executed.


Thanks to our competition sponsor, Bio Sculpture.

Bio_Sculpture_8003C_Hi_Res wide .jpg
Nail Comp - Swinging Sixties_Chantelle A
1st Place - Chantelle Ayres
Nail Comp - Swinging Sixties_Juanita Bes
2nd Place - Juanita Bester
3rd Place - Candida De Lange

Annelize van Tonder wins Tropical Paradise Nail Competition

The NailFile Tropical Paradise Photographic Nail Design Competition has been won by Annelize van Tonder, for her delightfully evocative and intricate set that involved many different techniques. Second-placed Joani Gouws used lots of layering to create her impressive and singular set, while Melissa De Wet came third with her very colourful and vibrant set, the focal point of which was a lovely palm tree.

Tropical Paradise was sponsored by Nail Couture 

Nail Comp Tropical Paradise - Annelize v
1st Place - Annelize Van Tonder
2nd Place - Joani Gouws
PSX_20201116_155936 (1).jpg
3rd Place - Melissa De Wet

The winner of NailFile’s Graffiti Street Art Photographic Nail Design Challenge, sponsored by Calgel, is Chantelle Ayres

The winner of NailFile’s Graffiti Street Art Photographic Nail Design Challenge, sponsored by Calgel, is Chantelle Ayres for her beautiful and unusual set of nails and excellent step by step presentation. Roelien van Aswegen was placed second, with Salomé De Gouveia in the third spot. Read more here: https://www.probeauty.co.za/post/chantelle-ayres-wins-graffiti-nail-competition

Chantelle Ayres
covid final1.jpg
Roelien Van Aswegan
Salomé De Gouveia

A big thanks to Bio Sculpture for sponsoring the NailFile Foodie Fantasies Photographic Nail Design Challenge. The judges have finished the judging and declared that Andrea Smith is the winner, for her exquisitely beautiful set of nails and superb step by step. Judges placed Ané Snyman second, with third place a tie between Zelmari van Aswegen and Chantelle Ayres. . Read more: https://www.probeauty.co.za/post/andrea-smith-wins-foodie-fantasies-nail-competition

Andrea Smith - Foodie Fantasies 5 - 0721
Andrea Smith
Ane Snyman Foodie Fantasies.jpg
Ané Snyman
Nail Comp - Foodie Fantasies_Zelmari van
Chantelle Ayres
Zelmarie Van Aswegan

We are excited to announce the winner of the Nailfile Photographic Design Challenge Superheroes theme is Ané Snyman!

We would like to thank our sponsor Calgel South Africa and everyone who took the time to enter the competition. The nail art was absolutely fantastic! Coming a tight second behind Snyman was Maureen Brill, followed closely by Nadia Stroh in third place. Read more: https://www.probeauty.co.za/post/an%C3%A9-snyman-wins-nailfile-superheroes-competition

Nailfile Photographic Nail Design Compet
Ane Snyman
Main Entry Photo.jpeg
Maureen Brill
Nadia Stroh

NailFile was delighted to receive so many ‘out of this world’ entries for its Space Age themed photographic nail design challenge, sponsored by Cherry Blossom Nails and Beauty.


Cindy Visagie’s stunning entry was declared the winner by the judges, with Chantelle Ayres in second place and Ané Snyman coming third. Read more: https://www.probeauty.co.za/post/cindy-visagie-wins-space-age-nail-comp

Cindy Visagie
Chantelle Ayres
Ane Snyman

NailFile received a flurry of fabulous entries for its first Nail Design Challenge of the year, themed ‘Roaring 20s’, and after an intense judging session, Juanita Bester’s set was proclaimed the winner.


Chantelle Ayres came second, with Annelize van Tonder in third place. Read more: https://www.probeauty.co.za/post/juanita-bester-wins-roaring-20s-nail-competition

Juanita Bester NailFile PHOTOGRAPHIC NAI
Juanita Bester
Chantelle Ayres
Annelize Van Tonder
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