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WWW founder appointed IMA educationial ambassador

Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Founder of World Wellness Weekend, Jean-Guy de Gabriac of Tip Touch International, has been appointed an educational ambassador of the IMA (International Massage Association).

De Gabriac, who is based in Belgium/ France, is well known to the Professional Beauty Group community as the coordinator of the World Spa & Wellness Convention.

IMA has appointed 17 other key industry players around the world as educational ambassadors.

Says an IMA statement: “All our educational ambassadors are dedicated educators, school owners or representatives of better education of massage therapists and massage teachers in their respective countries and areas of the world.

“In 2020, spa & beauty salon professionals have demonstrated outstanding grit, resilience and agility. During the first lockdown, associations, groups and owners raised the bar on SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) and digital communication, so that clients felt safe to return during the summer.

“This second lockdown, with massive uncertainty about the holiday season, is proof that local officials still do not consider our sector as essential workers, although there is abundant research about the numerous physiological benefits of massage on the body and mind, the positive impact of preventative complementary alternative modalities to enhance vitality, serenity and immunity.

“We wanted to acknowledge 18 remarkable educators around the world for their constant efforts to support our profession through elevated trainings and workshops. These passionate and dedicated educators, whose vocation is to inspire and empower professionals to touch lives and not just skin, through massage workshops in advanced techniques as well as body mechanics, elevate spa operations to enrich guest experience and create transformational wellness modalities.”

Apart from De Gabriac, the other IMA educational ambassadors are: Motoc Iulian (Romania); Chutima Hälg (Switzerland/ Thailand); Moshe Moreno (Israel); Gligoris Voltis (Germany); Elvira Gentile (Italy); Emma Gilmore (England); Christina Blei-Amadoelrasit (Holland); Ivan Conversano (Italy); and Joe Lavin (USA).

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