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World Wellness Weekend launches We movement

Set to run on 19 & 20 of September 2020, World Wellness Weekend has launched the We movement initiative where people can appear on the wellness map and show that they take care of their body, mind, family and wellness buddies.

Says World Wellness Weekend founder, Jean-Guy de Gabriac of Tip Touch International: “So far, we have encouraged spa, wellness and fitness professionals and venues to register online and organise a wellness workshop to share #WellnessForAll. Now it’s time to spread the word to our friends, and their friends, to encourage people in 100+ countries to register and appear on the World Wellness Weekend map when they practice 60 minutes of wellness.

“All they have to do is sign up on https://www.world-wellness-weekend.org/ and locate on the world map where and when they will be walking, running, stretching, doing yoga, meditating or participating in any other wellness activity, so that friends, family, colleagues or strangers in their city can join, respectfully 6-feet apart, wearing a mask.

“Let’s start this We movement and light up the map of the world with people enjoying 60 minutes of wellness. We want to create a moment to remember in 2020 – a weekend when tens of thousands of people unite to celebrate wellness. Together we can do this in our cities, in our countries.”

For more information about the World Wellness Weekend event, click here

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