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World’s first tool to calculate sustainability in spas

A pioneering initiative and world-first in its category, the greenspa calculator provides a comprehensive electronic audit tool to assist spa owners and managers to move consciously toward sustainability in their businesses.

Packaged as an easily-accessible and intuitive App, the greenspa calculator provides a robust framework of topics, goals and assessment criteria for the practitioner to process in a systematic manner.

Says Charne le Roux of greenspa.africa: “The greenspa calculator brings the concept of sustainability within full view and provides the tools and guidance to make it an attainable goal for almost any spa.”

She comments that as primary providers and promotors of wellness, it seems obvious that striving for sustainability ought to be integral in all spa businesses. “In fact,” she says, “without sustainability as the primary criteria, can true wellness be attained without it?”

By using the greenspa calculator, spa operators can learn about the different criteria – from consumables, to spa fittings, to waste management, to procurement and more. A spa operator will be able to calculate their own sustainability score and see how it changes with each intervention. They can also compare their performance by category with other like-minded spas also seeking sustainable outcomes.

Le Roux notes that greenspa.africa is partnering with about 15 to 20 spas and wellness institutions globally to test drive the greenspa calculator. “This way we will be able to contribute to a tool that can benefit our collective industry. I am asking for feedback on functionality and suggestions for Version 2, but more importantly, these spas will serve as pioneer spas to activate our industry to take meaningful steps in adopting sustainability practices. I should mention that GSN Planet (where I serve as board member of its Foundation) will also participate with its media partners in the USA. In addition, I am expecting European interest as well.”

The greenspa calculator can be downloaded from Apple’s App store or Google Play store for free. Its reporting functions are also free, with a small, once-off fee payable to access the analytics.

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