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World’s first A.I. lash extension treatment


Luum Oakland Lash Lab in California is believed to be the first in the world to offer robotic technology for applying lash extensions.

The service is marketed as being much speedier than treatments performed by lash artists.

As to concerns regarding the safety of the client’s eyes, Luum states on its webpage (https://www.luumlash.com): “Yes – it is 100% safe. This cutting-edge technology is designed by true experts in their fields -- the most advanced robotics, computer vision, and A.I. It's also been tested and approved by a fleet of doctors, lawyers, investors and risk-assessors. And everyone agrees -- there is no way at all it can harm you. And many clients have said the technology feels far more delicate than human application.”

If the client inadvertently moves during the service, Luum is adamant that its advanced computer vision and A.I. can ‘see’ the client’ and will pause until she is still again.


The obvious industry question is whether Luum is trying to put lash artists out of business. Luum responds: “We most certainly are not! Lash artists are and will always be integral to our brand and service. Every appointment at Luum is guided by a master lash-artist. They provide world-class, white-glove service, from start to finish — from personal style consultations and pre-service lash-prep, to bespoke styling and touch-ups afterward. We are simply providing our lash artists with a world-class tool with which to deliver a great set of lash-extensions for each client.”


According to Luum, “the delicate lash application process is performed by feather-light plastic wands with soft tips which can bring no harm to the client. Because there is very little force required to manipulate tiny eyelashes, we were able to design a can’t-fail safety system by attaching the wands to the rest of the technology with light magnets, so that they immediately disengage and fall away in the extremely unlikely events they (even gently) contact anything other than lashes. Even in the case of an exogenous event such as an earthquake or power-outage, the safety of the system is 100% guaranteed.” Source: https://www.luumlash.com

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