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Women in their 40s more comfortable with their looks than pre-pandemic, finds study

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Almost two thirds (62%) of women aged forty or above polled in a global Avon study said the pandemic has made them feel confident in how they look, while almost half said the pandemic has made them want to embrace their wrinkles (49%) and grey hair (46%).

This trend of self-acceptance reported on in Avon’s ‘The Power in Ageing’ study is described as moving from ‘anti’ to ‘authentic’ and ‘pro’ ageing.

Almost three quarters of women polled agreed the pandemic has made them realise that life is fragile and getting older is something to appreciate (74%), and two thirds agree ageing is not something to fear anymore (63%).

When it comes to skincare, only 42% of women over the age of forty feel like they have cracked their skincare regime and a third (32%) still change their skincare products regularly looking for the right solutions for their needs.

An overwhelming 72% of all women polled said they want to focus on looking healthy rather than young as a result of the pandemic. Many women ditched make-up while working from home, and that’s made them a lot more aware of their skin’s condition and they been taking a lot more care of it as a result.

Skinimalism is an existing trend that is set to continue because the pandemic and economic issues have made us more cost conscious and value driven. In the research, half (51%) the women polled said they use multi-purpose skincare products that deliver more than one benefit in their routine. They are looking for those concentrated formulas that give us the best bang for their buck, not only in terms of money but also benefits.

Two thirds of women (64%) choose to use products that have been scientifically proven, while 59% of women said they choose to use products with smart formulas that can boost their body’s natural process. Over two thirds (70%) of women prefer skincare products that have a gentler formula, and say they avoid skincare products that can have harsh side effects, even if they deliver fast results.

(Source: https://www.avonworldwide.com/beauty-innovation/innovation-centre/future-of-beauty/power-in-ageing)

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