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Will ethical sourcing become the new industry normal?

Research company Ecovia Intelligence has found that the ethical sourcing of natural ingredients is proving predominant in the cosmetics industry.

This trend is accompanied by a growing rate of sustainability schemes. For instance, Unilever and L’Oreal are now only sourcing sustainable palm oil.

According to Ecovia, over 20 players in the market have joined the Action for Sustainable Derivatives, an industry-led collaboration that encourages responsible products and sourcing of palm oil derivatives.

The research company believes that the increasing popularity of organic ingredients has been fueled by certification schemes such as COSMOS and Natrue.

An article in Personal Care Magazine quotes the Ecovia team as saying: “The increasing use of natural raw materials puts pressure on cosmetic & ingredient firms to ethically source and take the certification route.

“Some operators will opt for organic, fair trade, or sustainability schemes to prove they meet high environmental/social standards. Others will focus on traceability to show their raw materials are deforestation-free, GM-free, vegan, and/or halal.”

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