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Why spas should take note of COP26

Photo by Kelly L. from Pexels

However little attention the spa and beauty industry might have paid to climate change effects and sustainability measures thus far, it’s clear that governments on their own won’t implement measures to limit global heating by the end of the century.

As Charne le Roux points out in the February 2022 issue of the Professional Beauty digital magazine, our businesses and industries will each have to play their part in phasing out coal dependency and transforming our micro economies to reach nett zero emissions.

Carbon neutrality is deemed as what it is going to take to make meaningful sustainability work. This means balancing the greenhouse gasses being produced, with those being absorbed.

To find out how the beauty, wellness and tourism industries participated in the recent COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow, and what measures some overseas spas and beauty product manufacturers are taking to reduce their carbon footprint, read Le Roux’s article on pages 18, 19 and 20 of the Professional Beauty February 2022 digital magazine. Click here

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