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Why exfoliation is so important

Photo by Miriam Alonso from Pexels

The ultimate way to rejuvenate your skin, exfoliation resurfaces your skin, gently cleaning out your pores of oil and dead skin and polishing and refining the surface to leave it smooth, velvet-soft, and radiantly glowing.

Regular exfoliation as part of your client’s personal skincare routine is a simple and really effective answer to doing away with a weathered, dry and dull looking complexion.

Say the experts at Bramley Cosmetics, a manufacturer of scrubs and tissue oils: “Every day 330 billion of your body’s skin cells replace themselves in a skin evolution of natural exfoliation, with your body taking approximately 27 days to completely regenerate your skin’s protective sheath transforming you into a ‘new’ you.

“With significant increases in air pollution however, including cigarette and vape smoke, dust, exhaust fumes, chemical smog and harsh weather conditions, all of these pollutants can have a significant effect on your skin, accelerating skin irritations, allergic reactions, rashes and wrinkles, leaving your skin with decreased elasticity and accelerated ageing as it becomes grimy, clogged, stressed and unable to protect you effectively.”

The Bramley Cosmetics experts note that poor exfoliation causes increased production in your skin’s oil glands and is the leading cause of blackheads and whiteheads, acne, ingrown hair follicles and trapped dead skin cells, which can lead to inflammations, pustules and a feeding pool of bacteria.

They note that the other benefits of exfoliation:

#Faster Cell Generation: Exfoliation is the key to boosting new cell turnover, loosening, and lifting dead skin cells and making way for cleaner, younger and more absorbent skin that can be nourished and protected.

#Increase in Collagen: When you add or increase your exfoliation treatments, your skin is stimulated and alerted to produce more collagen, which helps to keep your skin firm and wrinkle free. Exfoliation helps your moisturiser and anti-age serums to penetrate better.

#Wrinkle & Worry-Free Days: Research tells us that wrinkles get wedged into place and are deepened by corneocyte plugs which are balls of dead, hardened skin which build up and keep your wrinkles in place. The gentle circular motions of your all-over body exfoliation provide a massage effect which helps to keep your skin clear of these plugs, so it is more difficult for wrinkles to form.

#Boost Lymphatic Drainage: Exfoliation encourages blood circulation and an increase in your skin’s hydration levels. It also reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, making shaving easier and diminishing the appearance of skin discolouration and dark spots with use over time.

#Sensory Touch Stimulation: Just like a baby’s, our bodies love to be touched and soothed and exfoliating your body’s skin is a perfect opportunity to calm and pamper yourself with a loving touch and healthy attitude towards self-care, mood enhancement and confidence, enjoyed along with the fragrant feel-good scent of your exfoliator.

The Bramley Cosmetics team recommends exfoliation two to three times per week but if you have sensitive skin, exfoliate once a week but always go according to how your skin feels after exfoliation. It should tingle and feel invigorated and stimulated and not dried out, irritated or red from over scrubbing.

Over exfoliating can remove the natural oils from your skin which it needs to stay subtle. If you stop exfoliating your skin, you will soon notice it will become dry and rough again within about two weeks.

After exfoliating apply a moisturiser or moisturising tissue oil and consider protecting it with a sunscreen before going outdoors.

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