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Who are the world’s biggest celebrity ‘skinfluencers’?

Rihanna (Instagram @badgirlriri)

Research from RY (Recreate Yourself) reveals that the world’s biggest celebrity skin influencer is Fenty Skin founder, Barbadian singer, Rihanna.

According to an article published in Professional Beauty UK, the RY study analysed Google search data to reveal the celebrity skincare and beauty routines that consumers most want to replicate.

Survey results revealed the Top 10 celebrity skincare searches, with Rihanna at 51,680 annual skincare searches. Jennifer Lopez was a close second, with 50,800 annual skincare searches.

Coming in third was Kylie Jenner (49,100 annual skincare searches), followed, a long way behind by Paris Hilton (36,500 annual skincare searches).

The rest of the celebrities in the list are: Miranda Kerr; Jessica Alba; Jennifer Aniston; Meghan Markle; Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne.

RY also revealed the top five celebrity beauty looks in general: Kylie Jenner (816,400 annual searches); Ariana Grande (678,340 annual searches); Jennifer Anniston (642,800 annual searches); Selena Gomez (640, 790 annual searches) and Kim Kardashian (341,050 annual searches).


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