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What’s trending in 2024

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Industry experts provide us with their predictions for 2024 and it’s about inclusivity, sustainability, community and customising your offerings to suit individual needs.

The skincare industry is set for growth

The skincare industry in 2024 will capitalise on the strong consumer commitment to maintaining and enhancing their beauty and wellness routines, said Founder and CEO of the Professional Skin Care Lab, Gina Gall, who is regarded as one of South Africa’s leading skin care specialists with international qualifications and more than 25 years’ experience as an aesthetic skin expert.

Premium, personalised, and eco-conscious products, driven by the desire for something new, will shape the market. Advanced technology, wellness integration, and inclusivity will be pivotal themes, ensuring that the industry remains vibrant and adaptable to the evolving needs of beauty enthusiasts.

It’s certain that the industry will continue to grow in 2024, fueled by a strong consumer intent to spend on beauty products and an increasing focus on wellness and self-care.

Here are some key trends and topics to watch out for:

1. Premium skincare

With consumers willing to spend more on beauty, we can expect a surge in demand for premium skincare products. Brands offering high-quality, scientifically backed formulations and luxurious experiences are likely to thrive.

2. Personalisation

The desire to maintain wellness and self-care routines will drive the demand for personalised skincare solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven assessments and customised regimens will become more common, ensuring that products cater to individual’s needs.

3. Clean beauty

The trend of clean and sustainable beauty will continue to gain momentum. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the ingredients they apply to their skin. Brands that emphasise natural, eco-friendly and transparent formulations will gain favour.

4. Hybrid products

Consumers' desire to try something fun and new may lead to the rise of hybrid skincare products. These could include multi-functional items that combine skincare with makeup or innovative, trendsetting ingredients.

5. Wellness-infused skincare

As a reflection of the overall wellness trend, skincare products will incorporate more holistic and wellness-focused elements. Expect to see ingredients and formulations that promote not just skin health but overall well-being.

6. Advanced technology

The integration of technology into skincare routines will expand further, with smart devices and apps assisting users in monitoring and improving their skin. From AI-powered skin analysis to internet of things (IoT) skincare devices, the marriage of tech and beauty will continue to evolve.

7. Diverse marketing and inclusivity

Given the focus on inclusivity, skincare brands will broaden their marketing and product ranges to cater to an increasingly diverse customer base. This trend will emphasise the importance of products suitable for a wide range of skin tones and types.

Go local to make your spa therapies more meaningful

This is the year of community. It’s about making meaningful connections with local cultures, heritage and nature, boosting the search for wellness with rich personal experiences, said Charné le Roux, founder of greenspa.africa.

The spas and wellness business can see wellness consumers' need for immersive local experiences as an opportunity to offer services that celebrate the communities and natural areas that surround them. This can be translated into treatment products that incorporate local botanicals and spices or even sand and stones. Treatments that honour traditional healing practices can be made even more authentic by spas inviting local healers to participate in treatment regimes.

This nod to all that is local can be extended to the architecture and design of the spa’s premises. For example, an award- winning spa in Namibia has been built in the traditional Namibian style, with rounded corners, a hand- finished thatched roof and deep, warm colours to reflect local culture and natural environment. Inside, Namibian art is given pride of place.

Community can also be created by paying more attention to group therapies and treatment practices. There is increased focus on communal bathing, for example. Bathing as a collective act has its roots in many classic cultures where it facilitated self-expression, relaxation, spiritual practices and even political debate. Since ancient times, people have drawn from the curing powers of natural hot springs, rivers, ponds and the ocean.

Other group practices on the rise are sound therapy, meditation sessions and movement therapies, such as yoga.

As access to nature is becoming the ultimate luxury experience, it is fast transferring to spas’ wellness therapy offerings. Outdoor nature-based therapies can include forest bathing, earthing, or having individual treatment pods selectively placed in secluded wild spaces in forests, deep in the desert, or even high in the sky, such as, a UK spa’s sauna on stilts next to a beautiful rolling brook.

Nature is also being brought indoors as part of this shift to honour our verdant planet, by creating forest rooms, using biophilic design principles or, as a spa in Milan has done, incorporating high tech to create a cinematic pool room that simulates a thunderstorm, complete with dramatic stormy sound effects and rain.

Watch out for these lash trends!

WHISPY WET LOOK L-Curl - image courtesy of Lusicous Lashes

The lash industry is continuously evolving, giving lash artists the opportunity to embrace bold elegance through innovative lash trends.

Trends that are gaining tractions are the perfect line and wispy wet looks, as well as the new YY, W and clover lashes which can be styled beautifully.

The wet lash style resembles classic lashes but with more volume. Picture how your wet lashes have that “clumped-up” look when you get out of the shower. While the wet lash look may resemble classic lashes, there are noticeable differences.

Creating wet look lashes involves keeping the lash fan almost closed, while using a style, such as, squirrel or cat eye, which suites your client.

Creating wet look wispy lashes involves keeping the lash fan almost closed, allowing for the formation of distinctive spikes. Excellent choices for both the wet look and the wispy wet look include L+ or M or C curl lashes.

These styles are suitable for clients with medium to full natural lashes and clients with close-set eyes.

Ideal lash weights are 0.05 or less with a recommendation for the ultra-light 0.05 or lower multi-length lash extensions.

The result is a softer, lighter, and more wispy appearance, challenging the conventional standards of a standard classic set as an extra “oomph” is created when by adding more lashes per natural lash.

This effect may not be suitable for individuals with a sparser lash line, curly lash types, eyelashes growing straight or downward, or thin lashes growing unevenly. The hybrid technique or YY, W or clover lashes would be better for these clients.

YY, W and clover lashes make stunning wispy, airy lashes. Applied with the same technique as classic lashes, these lashes require no extra training as long as the lashes applied are not heavier than 0.07.

Eyelashes are evolving beyond just aesthetics

It promises to be a dynamic year for the eyelash extensions industry, with sustainability, inclusivity, customisation, and lash health at the forefront. As the world continues to embrace the beauty of expressive eyes, these trends are set to redefine and elevate the eyelash extensions experience for beauty enthusiasts everywhere, said Jessica Ringard of Lashpro.

One of the key trends is the rise of sustainability in eyelash extensions. With eco-conscious consumers wanting greener alternatives, lash studios are turning to sustainable practices. At Lashpro, we are changing our product packaging and transforming our range. Expect to see lash extensions crafted from eco-friendly materials and studios adopting environmentally conscious procedures, from packaging to disposal.

Inclusivity is also under the spotlight. As the industry recognises the diverse beauty requirements across the globe, lash artists are honing their skills to cater to a broader range of clientele. This means a wider spectrum of lash styles and lengths, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect look that complements their unique features. From natural enhancements to bold statements, inclusivity is making eyelash extensions a celebration of individuality.

We are also seeing a shift towards customisable and DIY-friendly options. This year you can expect to find at-home eyelash extension kits that cater to the growing demand for convenience and self-expression. Lashpro’s home extension kits include user-friendly instructions and high-quality materials.

Lash health is also taking centre stage as clients become more discerning about the products. Lash artists are incorporating the promotion and the use of lash enhancing serums that work with lash extensions to promote healthier natural lashes and enhance results of lash extension treatments.

Fluffy, natural, laminated or skinny, your brows are up to you

In 2024, it’s all about embracing the uniqueness of your brows and letting them frame your face in a way that best suits you. This is according to Clarissa Vermeer, Marketing Manager for RefectoCil SA, market leaders in eyelash and eyebrow tints.

Fluffy brows are still going strong. The effortlessly chic vibe of these untamed beauties adds a touch of whimsy to your face. Let your natural arch shine, giving your face a soft and approachable allure.

The trend of natural brows is gaining momentum. It’s about celebrating the individuality of your brows without excessive grooming. Think of it as enhancing what you've got, subtly framing your face.

Brow lamination is making waves. It’s for those who want a put-together look without the daily maintenance. It results in sleek and polished brows, adding a bold, structured dimension to your look.

Hold on to your tweezers because skinny brows are making a comeback! It's a nod to nostalgia, with a modern twist. The more slender, defined shape gives a dramatic edge to your face.

Your brows are an expression of individuality and whether you're on team fluffy, natural, laminated, or skinny, you will be on trend!

The waxing client base is becoming more diverse

Image from shutterstock

Having had extensive opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people through my waxing business, I believe 2024 will be a year of inclusive practice, said Taryn Starkowitz, owner of Melinda Wax Salon.

As a rule of thumb, waxing has always been mostly marketed to women, however, there has been a huge uptick in my business for male intimate waxing. I know many therapists tend to avoid male waxing for fear of inappropriate behaviour or based on their personal values. If a professional approach is maintained, there is no reason why you cannot open your business up to this option. I have never had a negative experience waxing a man and have found it to be a lucrative and successful niche. Try find ways to market your business to include the dudes!

The LGBTQIA+ community is also a growing part of my business. Waxing is all about communication and understanding of each individual, learning boundaries and exuding love and respect.

With regards to the art of waxing itself, efficiency is what is going to bring your client back time and again. My clients know that their Hollywood wax will not take longer than 12 minutes, easily done in their lunch break. Our clients are busy, and their time is precious, let’s not waste it with sub-par skills and poor wax quality. I have been using Supernova wax as it’s fast drying and removes the majority of the hair on first application.

Also make sure your wax is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Clients are now more aware of the environment, and it is in our best interests to respect this and make sure our clients know we do.

The untouched look is in

Restoration and beautification with an untouched approach will be the focus in 2024, predicted Dr Fawzia Salie, director of Aesthetics Cape Town by Dr Fawzia.

Dr Fawzia based her prediction on her attendance of international conferences, networking with some of the best injectors in the world, her practice trends and personal experience.

Aesthetics is leaning towards a full-blown untouched approach, where patients are shifting their focus towards profile balancing instead of isolated feature enhancements.

Patients will find themselves investing in their skin more, eliminating the need to wear heavy foundation. This will most likely see a surge in skin treatments, such as growth factors and skin boosters. In addition, biostimulators will continue to take the industry by storm as a means of collagen stimulation.

Add-ons to increase average spend

Kym Stafford of Vita Aesthetics said that add-ons are going to boom resulting in an increase in average spend by clients. They include masks, peels, dermaplaning and carboxy therapy and treatments.

There will also be a focus on women’s health with clients becoming more open to vagacials and vaginal tightening, for example.

The demand for sustainable products and treatments, as well as CBD-based products will continue to increase.

A special thank you to the article contributors:

  • Clarissa Vermeer, Refectocil SA Marketing manager

  • Charne Le Roux founder of greenspa.africa

  • Cliff and Lesley Altree owners of Luscious Lashes

  • Dr Fawzia Salie director of Aesthetics Cape Town by Dr Salie

  • Gina Gall, founder and CEO OF THE Professional Skincare Lab

  • Jessica Ringard from Lashpro SA

  • Kym Stafford owner of Dolce Vita Beauty Centre & Skincare Professional

  • Taryn Starkowitz owner of Melinda Wax Salon

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