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What on earth is the ‘Crying girl’ make-up trend?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Instagram @tih_stacy

Short-form video sharing platform TikTok is notorious for popularising make-up trends and the ‘crying girl’ look is no exception.

Initially made trend-worthy by creator Zoe Kim Kenealy and often seen in the harrowing TV series, ‘Euphoria’, the ‘crying girl’ make-up style sets out to imitate how the face looks after a good sob, namely rosy cheeks, puffy soft lips, misty eyes, pink lids and glistening lashes.

It seems quite an ironic trend given that most people would naturally want to try and hide the after-effects of crying, with make-up, but as Jen Tioseco, a make-up artist who has singer Camila Mendes on her client list, says in an article on vogue.co.uk: “Crying gives us a natural flush to our face!”

In an interview with guardian.co.uk, 26-year-old Kenealy, who has 119,000 TikTok followers, says she was inspired by two East Asian make-up trends: Douyin and Ulzzang. “Both genres involve ample amounts of blush, glitter and the highlighting the under-eye area for an overall cherubic effect,” states the Guardian article.

Kenealy was at pains to point out in the interview that ‘crying girl’ make-up is just an aesthetic and not meant to deceive anyone. (Sources: Vogue; The Guardian)

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