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What lies ahead for spa & wellness leadership?

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has embarked on the first-ever study of leadership across the global wellness economy.

States the GWI: “Recent research shows leaders globally are struggling both with their personal wellbeing and advancing wellbeing in their teams and organisations. As leaders of an industry built to support the wellbeing of ourselves and others, are we thriving? Are we advancing wellbeing through how we lead?”

The GWI’s Wellbeing Leadership Study is set to answer these questions. Performed by Wisdom Works with support from social scientists at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, the study will gather data from leaders in all eleven sectors of the $4.4 trillion wellness economy plus the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Human Potential & Development sectors.

In addition to this groundbreaking research, the GWI supports select third-party research such as this Wisdom Works study through collaborations within the expansive GWI Initiative network of renowned thought leaders. The CEO of Wisdom Works is Renee Moorefield, PhD, GWI Advisory Board Member and the original founder of the GWI Workplace Wellbeing Initiative.

Wisdom Works is inviting leaders, such as executives, managers, supervisors and those who influence management to participate in the study now through September 30 by taking a brief, science-based wellbeing leadership assessment. Responses will be anonymously aggregated and analysed into a detailed report to be released Q1, 2023. Participants in the study receive early access to the report.

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