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What can you do about your client’s thinning eyebrows?

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Brows can become thinner over time for a multitude of reasons – stress, lifestyle and diet can all affect brow thickness.

Age can also be a factor because hair can become coarse or thinner due to lack of elasticity as your clients get older.

However, there are several ways you can help clients achieve fuller brows, from offering advice on growth techniques to tinting and disguising thin brows by using brow powders. You can also introduce the concept of semi-permanent solutions such as microblading.

Emma Apps, senior international trainer for The Eyelash Design Company and HiBrow, recommends encouraging your clients to use serums.

“Using a growth serum will help nourish and care for the hair,” shares Apps. “Look for products that contain caffeine, which will help to encourage growth; keratin, which will help strengthen hair; and panthenol, which will help hydrate and nourish.”

Supplements are another great way to encourage hair growth.

“Look for supplements with biotin, which is a superhero for hair growth, as well as diet with lots of oily fish, nuts and seeds,” suggests Tori Rosero, founder of Glowblade Academy.

“Tinting can help define the brow, and pick up and darken, soft, downy hairs in the brow,” shares Apps. “These are often fine, fair or blonde. Tinting them will give a subtle fullness to the brow.”

When it comes to a quick fix, brow powder can become your best friend, as it gives a soft but full effect that also looks very natural. For any areas that need a little extra colour, Apps suggests applying a specially designed wax pencil as this will help the brow colour adhere, boosting colour and longevity.

“Clients should make sure they visit their brow expert every three to four weeks to keep their brows maintained, and they should avoid tweezing their brows at all and leave this to the experts,” advises Prital Mavadi, brow expert and Yumi Beauty ambassador.

Brown lamination is a great treatment to create fuller and fluffier looking eyebrows.

“It’s a great option if your brows have started to thin and you’d like a quick solution that’s affordable and not permanent,” says Rosero. “The natural, low maintenance aspect is another reason why clients enjoy having laminated brows, because they can wake up without having to touch their brows, so it saves time in their make-up routine.”

Source: https://professionalbeauty.co.uk/site/newsdetails/thinning-eyebrows-and-the-treatments-that-can-help

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