Wellness from the oceans

Alison Yammin, Joanne Cochrane, Debbie Merdjan and Aurélie Nouroud

MSD, the South African distributor of marine skincare brand, Thalgo, recently hosted a lifestyle event in Johannesburg to launch the brand’s Peeling Marine system, as well as the Joyaux Atlantique Body Journey treatment.

Peelng Marine replaces Thalgo’s MCeutic peel and is a 30-minute treatment with no downtime.

MSD’s Alison Yammin gave a presentation on the wellness industry, revealing that it was a $4.2 trillion industry and noting that the biggest drivers in the spa industry are premium products, customisation and personalisation.

She defined the eight dimensions of wellness as: emotional; environmental; financial; intellectual; occupational; physical; and social.

“Fragrance and/or scent enhances the feeling of wellness. Our new spa treatment, Joyaux Atlantique (Jewels of the Atlantic) incorporates the scent of the ocean.”

Paris-based Joanne Cochrane, Thalgo’s international training manager, spoke about the power of the ocean and how it can provide 360 wellness.

“The sea is a source of healing – sea water has a similar composition to human blood plasma,” she said. “There are 60 minerals in the sea, a mineral being a tiny piece of rock, and all are bio-available. A trace element, such as iodine, which is found in brown algae, refers to a very small mineral.

“Thalgo was founded in the 1964 by André Bouclet, a pharmacist who was passionate about algae. He discovered that to derive the benefits of algae, you need to explode it through a process called micronisaion.

“Our new spa treatment, Joyaux Atlantique, is inspired by jewels from the ocean. We use quartz stones from the sea to rebalance the body.”

Cochrane was accompanied on her South African visit by Aurélie Nouroud, Thalgo’s business development manager. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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