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Venus Concept Africa undergoes name change

Gary Price

The company formerly known as Venus Concept Africa has successfully transitioned to become an autonomous distributor, Astra Health Systems (Pty) Ltd.

Says Gary Price, owner and director of Astra Health Systems: “Due to the pandemic, our industry has had to withstand the worst possible calamity imaginable – blanket closure of businesses, loss of employment and, on a personal level, loss of life and loved ones. Yet, out of this was born a full-scale innovative pivot and with that, a clear signal that this industry is strong and intent on surviving.

“Not a lot was said about the supporting acts in this drama, namely suppliers of products and technology. It so happened that for Venus Concept, the onset of the pandemic coincided with the completion of a major merger and large-scale re-direct to robotics and hair restoration in their major markets in the USA, UK and Europe, while also expanding their already popular energy-based device range. This enabled partners in countries with smaller markets to negotiate a new working partnership.

“The name change was an exciting opportunity for us to re-position the company after six and a half years, and to sharpen our device portfolio. We elected to focus on the proven top sellers, namely Venus Viva, Venus Versa and Venus Legacy. Adding to this, I am very happy to announce the inclusion of the long-awaited Venus Fiore and Venus Heal, both now CE approved and registered with SAHPRA. We believe Venus Fiore to be best in class in terms of safety, comfort and efficacy for feminine health. Our Venus Heal for soft tissue injury is going to be a game changer as the RP3 technology incorporates proprietary (MP)2 technology combined with massage for therapeutic relief of soft tissue injury, muscle spasm and pain.

“We look forward to continue serving the local market and see it revive as vaccinations role out and enable a more freely moving society.”

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