Upsurge in beauty treatments post lockdown, predicts Imbalie CEO

There will be an upsurge in beauty treatments after the COVID-19 lockdown period, due to the fact that people will feel deprived of human touch, believes Imbalie Beauty Group CEO, Esna Colyn.

She continues: “People are all unique and I know that this lockdown, incubation or global pause is affecting all our people in the beauty industry significantly. We are the gifted people who help other humans to feel better about themselves.”

Colyn notes that Imbalie is using this time to focus on its teams by doing daily devotionals, online business coaching and online beauty training for them. “Thank goodness for technology!” she says.

Imbalie has reached out to its customers to teach them how to strengthen their own immune systems against colds, flu and viruses, on the Imbalie Beauty Wellness YouTube channel. Click here

Colyn notes that Imbalie recently concluded its press events relating to Placecol’s 40th anniversary. “We look back at the life of Placecol’s original founder, Elma Mckenzie, who created the brand during South Africa’s sanction years, which were similar to what we are going through at the moment. We know this current situation will pass and that our customers will be grateful and come back for their treatments.

“The unity of the beauty and wellness industry is important in this hour. If there are any independent beauty salons out there who need help and encouragement during this time, please email our human resources manager, Elize van Geert, on elize@imbaliebeauty.co.za and we will, through the best of our ability, assist. The subject line of the email must read, ‘Professional Beauty Newsletter’.”

Lisa Leibov, Imbalie Beauty Academy director & principal, adds: “We are blessed to have a CEO who is leading her team with grace, calm and encouragement. Esna (Colyn) gave her team the opportunity to voice our fears and concerns, because we need to own them as they are real. Yet, with her calm and wisdom she has redirected us to use this time to live and fulfil our purpose. This is to remain calm and focus on what really matters – elevating and empowering others.”

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