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Tropical Paradise Nail Competition results

The winning entry

Annelize van Tonder is the winner of the NailFile Tropical Paradise Photographic Nail Design Competition, with Joani Gouws second, and Melissa De Wet third.

The competition, which was sponsored by Nail Couture, called on nail techs to transport themselves into the wonderful world of the tropics by creating nail sets that would completely evoke that theme.

Annelize van Tonder’s set was delightfully evocative with many 3D elements, such as a turtle, palm tree and coconuts, sea sand and bubble foam, starfish and hibiscus flower. There were also many 2D elements, including a hand-painted parrot and a toucan. Van Tonder was praised by the judges for her intricate work and her clever use of many different techniques.

The judges were impressed with the amount of layering Joani Gouws incorporated in her work to create a very striking and unique set that detailed the stages of a journey to Bora-Bora. These stages included a wooden house on the water; a coral reef; tropical fish, surfboards, a palm tree; cocktails on the beach, a toucan; a coconut crab; Easter Island; and sunset on the beach.

Melissa De Wet’s entry was described as ‘fun and colourful’ by the judges, who commented favourably on the focal point of the set, a large 3D palm tree with coconuts. There were many pretty, hand-painted elements (some with 3D elements), such as a pina colada cocktail, a paw-paw, tropical flowers, a parrot, a toucan, a pineapple, a sea shore and shells.

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