Top tips to make your nail salon profitable

Ameera Abraham

One of the major issues most nail salons face is pricing and if this is not done right from the onset, your bottom line is at high risk of being negatively affected.

This is the opinion of Ameera Abrahams, CEO and owner of The Nail Spa in Abuja, Nigeria, who is a guest contributor in the September 2021 issue of the Professional Beauty & NailFile digital magazine.

In the article, which can be found on pages 42 and 43, Abraham provides a useful guide on how to get the pricing right, as well as other tips on how to run a successful nail business.

Abraham emphasises that it is important to let your brand’s personality shine through. “Being authentic, transparent and consistent never goes out of style and it will leave you with a budding, profitable and sustainable nail business,” she says.

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