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Top tips to deal with client complaints

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However well you run your salon, there will always be complaints from some clients, but how you handle them can win or lose your business.

The April issue of Professional Beauty magazine includes an article on this very topic. Among the advice offered is to always ask the client to return to the salon for you to see the quality of work for yourself. It’s also vital to speak to the therapist involved to make sure you have both sides of the story.

When a client gets angry, it’s vital you remain calm. Salon owners or managers are advised to be empathetic and to listen to what the client has to say rather than immediately becoming defensive.

To show how seriously you are taking the complaint, clarify each point with the client as you go along and note details in writing.

A speedy resolution could prevent that customer from telling their friends, or worse, announcing it to the world online.

For more tips read the article on pages 43 to 45. Click here

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