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Top Pinterest beauty searches reveal ‘less is more’

Social media platform Pinterest has revealed its top global beauty searches for the past year, with the ‘au naturale’ look trending, as ‘Pinners’ seek to let their unique features shine.

With videos on the rise on Pinterest (daily video views grew 150%+ year over year), searches for ‘natural make-up videos’ (+62%) and ‘natural beauty aesthetic’ (up 9x) are popular as ‘Pinners’ look for ways to execute a ‘soft glam aesthetic’ (5x) with ‘coloured eyeliner looks’ (3.5x), ‘peach lip gloss’ (+42%) and bold yet classic ‘red lipstick looks’ (2x).

Men are also exploring new beauty routines as they look to enhance their grooming and skincare regimens. Hair searches including ‘Black men beard styles’ (up 3.9x), ‘grey beards’ (up 3x), ‘long hairstyles for men’ (up 25x), ‘afro hairstyles men“’(up 7.7x) and ‘curly hairstyles’ (up 19x) are on the rise, while skin and beauty searches including ‘creative makeup looks’ (up 7x) and ‘healthy skin care’ (up 9x) are in the lead.

Pinterest trends were calculated by comparing global normalised searches in June 2019 to June 2020.

The report comes as Pinterest launches augmented reality technology, allowing consumers to try on make-up, while new algorithm updates show matches to the searcher’s skin tone.

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