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Top 2023 lash trends revealed

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With 8.5 billion views on TikTok as of May 2023, #lashextensions are currently one of the hottest lash treatments.

However, experts are experiencing an increased demand for a more natural look than in previous years.

Says Novalash business manager Lauren Nesbit: “We’re seeing a rollback to classic extensions as the ‘skinimalism’ trend spreads to lash extensions. Clients are going for more natural, light-textured looks alongside more natural-looking skin and make-up. As such, clients are moving away from wearing volume lashes used to achieve the fuller, heavier style commonly referred to as Russian lashes.”

#NaturalLashes currently has 438 million views on TikTok. Salon owner Ellie Edwards notes: “People are wanting more of a straight-up lifted look right from the roots so the lashes are more of an L curl that can just be enhanced with mascara.”

With 2.3 billion and 116.7 million views on TikTok respectively, #lashlift and #lashtint are two big and growing lash trends of 2023. “Lash lifts combined with a brow lamination are the perfect marriage,” says Debbie Law, educator for Nouveau Lashes. “It’s all about enhancing what the client already has.”

Edwards believes the “angel lash” effect will emerge as one of the biggest trends of 2023. “These are very similar to anime lashes in that you use a number of different choppy lengths so that it looks more like the natural lash rather than a uniform set.”

“In regards to lash extensions, we are definitely seeing a move towards wet-look lashes,” says Lisa Stone, educator for Refectocil, Stone. “This trend gives lashes a glossy and slightly spiky finish.”

#Wetlooklashes has 48.1 million views on TikTok and goes hand in hand with a peculiar TikTok make-up trend called “crying girl make-up”. This look favours smudged eye make-up and clumped-together lashes, which previously only mascara and tears could achieve.

Image from Shutterstock

Coloured lashes are definitely big at the moment, with 15 million #ColouredLashes views on TikTok.

Edwards predicts that neon lashes will be huge at festivals this year, adding, “I think it is going to be more of a pop of colour rather than a full-on rainbow effect.”

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