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To the ‘max’ with oatmeal

Genop Healthcare’s Ilza Olivier, Annemi Strydom and Salmari Fourie

South African emollient brand, Epi-max, has launched its latest product – the Oatmeal Lotion – positioned as an ultra-caring moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin.

Marketed and distributed by Genop Healthcare, Epi-max, which is used by dermatologists, GPs and clinics, adds to its list of active ingredients with every new product developed.

So said Epi-max territory sales manager, Salmari Fourie, at a launch held on 19 September at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff.

Said Fourie: “Epi-Max is the number 1 selling emollient in the South African market. It turns 21 this year and was developed by South African pharmacists and dermatologists. What the team behind Epi-max realised early on is that it’s very important to adjust formulations specifically for geographical locations. South Africa has a very harsh climate so Epi-max is a cetomacrogol cream, which means it is effective both as an emollient as well as a moisturiser. Being an emollient, Epi-max restores lipids to the skin’s barrier, thereby reducing dryness.”

She noted that Epi-max, which comprises the Original, Man, Plus, Ultra, and Baby & Junior ranges, uses the following active ingredients: glycerine; cetomacrogol; urea; petrolatum; d-panthenol (a derivative of vitamin B5); and bisabolol.

“Epi-max gives long lasting hydration to patients,” continued Fourie. “It is rich in texture without being greasy and restores the skin barrier, thus locking in moisture. Our products are not tested on animals and are SLS (sodiul laurel sulphate) free. Therefore, the products prevent TEWL (trans epidermal water loss). Epi-max differs from other creams in that it is formulated with extra glycerine, a powerful humectant”.

She went on to explain that the Epi-max Oatmeal Lotion is a colloidal oat lotion, meaning that particles of finely ground oats remain in suspension throughout the product.

“It also contains oat oil and shea butter. There are no colorants, fragrances or ingredients of petro-chemical origin in the formulation,” concluded Fourie. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)


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