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Tips from top nail salons on how to get through the shut down

As a nail technician, use this time to go back to the basics, advises Tania Biddle, owner of Plush Nails & Beauty, the winner of the 2020 Professional Beauty Award for Nail Salon of the Year.

Says Biddle: “When last did you attend a refresher training course? Now is the time to practise and perfect your skill. Also, it’s a good idea to use this time to enter competitions that allow you to present your competition entry on tips / sticks. This will not only keep you busy, but it will also allow you to practise different skills and techniques. You currently have lots of time so just imagine the end results that you could come up with. How often do we all say that we don’t have time to do a certain thing – well we certainly can’t use that excuse at the moment.”

Biddle is also using the lockdown to read and do extensive research. “It’s a good opportunity to focus on how you currently run your business. Maybe it’s time for a change or to implement something new, and to get all your dreaded admin up to date.

“You can use this time to do colour swatches / glitters / arts etc. Often our clients choose the same colour over and over. Why? Probably because a lot of the variety we offer is ‘hidden’.”

She suggests that if you have a home based salon, or if you brought your kit home with you, now is the time to clean, sanitise, disinfect, and clean again. Old equipment like files and buss should be replaced.

“Relook at your treatment menu and consider whether you are charging market related pricing for services such as nail art, for instance. You now you have the time to research what the going rate is at different salons.

“From a company perspective, salon owners should offer online training and refresher courses for their staff. Furthermore, they should do daily posts to keep technicians motivated and inspired,” comments Biddle.

Advice from House of Mack Nail Bar

Deidre Mack of House of Mack, a finalist in the Professional Beauty Awards, is looking at how she and team can step up their game by incorporating new treatments that current clientele would be interested in.

“I’m also trying to find easier ways to educate our clients with regards to hygiene and how to look after their nails, body etc. We are reaching out to our clients and anyone and everyone who follows our social media platforms. Our aim is to help them take care of themselves the way we take care of them when they visit House of Mack Nail Bar,” explains Mack.

She notes that prior to the lockdown, clients were made aware that her therapists had gone for training. “This means that clients were well aware that we were bettering ourselves. We will be posting pictures/videos of what we have learnt through the training and how it might be slightly different to how we had been doing it in the past. In addition, we are posting nails that were done before the lockdown to show our clients how well they have lasted.”

Those of Mack’s staff who went on training courses were asked to show her videos of what they had learnt. “We are communicating with each other and staying in touch through WhatsApp and Skype. I have taken it on myself to reach out to them and keep them motivated. We discuss matters of concern and I give them a chance to ask any questions that might be worrying to them.

“The best thing we can all do is pray and put our faith in God. It is a scary and worrying time for us all but I know that things will work out. What makes us panic is the fear of the unknown so the best advice I can give is – don’t make hasty decisions.”

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