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TikTok trend ‘mascara cocktailing’ is exactly what it sounds like

Image from Shutterstock

One of the latest make-up trends on TikTok is ‘mascara cocktailing’, which involves layering several different mascaras on the lashes to achieve a long and voluminous effect.

Generating more than two million views in just a few weeks, ‘mascara cocktailing’ is hardly a new concept and is based on the basic premises that two (or more) mascaras are better than one in order to maximise volume, length and definition.

This method of mascara application, which has long been used by professional make-up artists, is currently being favoured by TikTok users who want fulsome lashes without the time and expense involved in going for salon lash enhancements, and who don’t want to apply falsies.

As an article on premiumbeautynews.com states, ‘The advantage of this method lies in its accessibility, but also in its affordability. As well as being very easy to recreate alone in front of the mirror, it does not require an unlimited budget.”

The key is to use mascaras that each have a different function, so that when layered, the blended effect will look like long, lush and thick lashes.

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