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TikTok’s latest beauty craze explained

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‘Mewing’ is a DIY facial restructuring technique involving tongue placement to make your bone structure look better.

This is the definition given by Healthline, which points out that this trend was named after Dr Mike Mew, a British orthodontist, although he didn’t actually invent the technique.

To ‘mew’, place your tongue in the roof of your mouth to create a more defined bone structure.

States Beauty Pie’s recently published 2023 Trends Report: “With over 1.52 billion TikTok views, ‘mewing’ took off when supermodel Bella Hadid said that she practises it when posing for the paparazzi to ensure she looks photogenic. There have been 252,300 Google searches around the world this year and over 12,000 Instagram posts about the trend.”

Healthline points out that this trend isn’t exactly new. In an article it states: “Proper tongue alignment is recommended by some orthodontists and other medical professionals as a way to define the jaw, correct speech impediments, and potentially alleviate pain from jaw-related issues.”

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