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The year of CBD beauty

The global market will see more beauty products infused with cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil during 2019, according to a new report from Financialnewsmedia.com.

It points out that because CBD is non-psychoactive, people using CBD products will not get high, but rather benefit from the natural health properties which hemp or marijuana plants are known for. This category of product is separate from what is known as medical marijuana.

“More and more investors are keeping watch of this segment, especially as it takes aim at both the multi-billion traditional beauty and cannabis industries,” states the Financialnewsmedia.com report. “The massive potential of the CBD beauty market is enormous, given the possibility that many products could be sold over the counter and without the need for a prescription.”

As per the report, CBD cosmetic products range from make-up to lipsticks, perfume, facial cream, moisturisers, body baths, and shampoos.

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