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The role of ergonomics in tackling carpal tunnel syndrome

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Because of having to constantly use their hands in a series of repetitive movements, most nail techs run the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

This condition arises when muscles around the area of use eventually become so inflamed that they constrict and place pressure on the nerves, causing shooting pains and numbness in the area. Carpal tunnel is created beneath the strong fibrous band stretching across the wrist; another similar band stretches across the top of the wrist, creating a tunnel beneath it. Tendons and nerves that control finger and thumb motion pass through this tunnel, and, when this area is injured, swelling occurs in the soft tissue, which then pinches the nerves together, causing pain.

Good ergonomics, in terms of the correct position of the spine and arms when performing treatments, can go a long way in alleviating carpal tunnel syndrome.

This involves factors like keeping both the task and tools directly in front of you (without favouring or leaning to one side), not reaching out more than 12 inches, and keeping forearms parallel with the floor (neutral position) at the side.

To get more valuable tips on nail treatment ergonomics, read page 49 and 50 of the August 2021 issue of the Professional Beauty & NailFile digital magazine. Click here: https://issuu.com/professionalbeautysa/docs/aug_pb_2021

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