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Saxon Spa introduces sleep therapy

The flotation bed at the Saxon Spa

As part of its new focus on wellness, the Saxon Spa in Sandhurst, Johannesburg has launched sleep therapy treatments, as well as mindfulness journeys.

Ideally suited to a jetlagged traveller and being highly recommended for those who are sleep deprived due to the high levels of anxiety or stress in their lives, the Sleep Therapy session is either 60 minutes or 90 minutes and commences with a mindfulness journey to help the guest relax. Guests are suspended in a floatation bed and exposed to programmed chromotherapy lighting. This aids the guest in relaxing and falling asleep quite quickly.

According to spa manager, Tanya Lopes, scientific research has shown that 30 minutes in floatation is equivalent to four hours of undisturbed sleep. She continues: “Our bed offers a dry floatation experience heated to 37 degrees Celsius, with the additional benefits of colour therapy to fully immerse the guest in a sleep experience. Obviously such benefits are not available on a standard bed.”

The Saxon Spa continues to offer its existing Sound Therapy and Advanced Sound with Crystal Healing treatments as part of its menu and these are performed in the same flotation bed.

Look out for the in-depth article on the Saxon Spa’s new treatments in the September issue of the Professional Beauty digital magazine.

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