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The democratisation of wellness

A WWW welfie from Jari Jari Spa in Malaysia

Taking place on 19 and 20 September 2020, World Wellness Weekend (WWW) aims to connect people by creating free, fun, meaningful and accessible wellness activities at participating properties or online.

Says WWW founder, Jean-Guy de Gabriac of Tip Touch International: “No-one really knows when a COVID-19 vaccine will be available to the greatest number of people and whether the antibodies will last a lifetime, or just a few months. Waiting for a vaccine is not a sustainable way of life. Wellness is the way. The most proactive and constructive approach is to encourage everyone to be the craftsman of their own well-being and to become an example that can inspire and empower friends or colleagues as #WellnessBuddies.”

Anne Biging, CEO and founder of Healing Hotels of the World, adds: "Healing Hotels of the World is in full support of WWW and any authentic and truthful activity that unites people from all cultures. The new coronavirus is asking us to find a new way of collaboration, with the virus itself and also among one another. We need to dig deeper into our souls and create life circumstances that are nurtured by our deep inner wisdom.”

Apart from Healing Hotels of the World, many properties within other leading hotel, resort and spa groups are participating in WWW. These include Accor, Akoya Spa, Chablé, Corinthia, Four Seasons, Fusion Resorts, GOCO Hospitality, Grand Hyatt, Hard Rock Hotels, Hilton, Jumeirah, Kempinski, LUX* Resorts, Mandarin Oriental, Mandara Spa, Marriott, Melia, One&Only, Renaissance, Shangri-La, Six Senses, Sonevafushi, Waldorf Astoria, Viceroy, Westin and WTS International.

In line with enhanced COVID-19 hygiene and safety measures, group sessions will be socially distanced and in locations where international travel is restricted, the events will be hosted online via social media.

Sixty WWW ambassadors and coordinators are encouraging the public to register online to say where they will practice their favourite wellness activity on 19 and 20 September. Activities could include a contemplative city hike in a historic centre, a yoga session in a public park, a guided relaxation on a beach, a 3km run, a bike ride along a scenic route, etc. Members of the public will also indicate the time at which they will practice so that friends, family, colleagues or locals can join them to stand 6- feet apart, wearing a mask to practice together.

For more information and to register for WWW click here

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