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The changing narrative around menopause

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Spas and salons should create specific treatments for the menopause market, estimated to be worth around $600 million by the wellness industry.

Although menopause affects all women, it took until last year for the topic to really come into the spotlight.

In the November/December issue of Professional Beauty, Marisa Dimitriadis writes that women are now really speaking up and telling their stories, although there is no ‘one size fits all’ dynamic applicable as there is no fixed start date for menopause.

The transition between the reproductive and non-reproductive years is accompanied by hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, sleep issues, loss of libido, anxiety and depression.

To find out how salons and spas can tap into this market, go to page 35 of the magazine. Click here https://digimag.probeauty.co.za/magazine/reader/238164

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