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The benefits of using probiotic skincare to treat acne

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It’s time for a radical new approach to the treatment of acne in salon and spa – one that treats the cause not just the symptoms. Until now, traditional treatments have involved seeing sebum as the enemy, with a long regime of antibiotics and harsh skincare which strip the skin of its natural oil.

Finally, this practice is now being brought into question by leading scientists as the skin disease is being recognised as having complex causes that are not being resolved with conventional skincare and approaches.

Over-sterilised homes, processed diets, antibiotics, frequent use of soap and chronic stress have all contributed to skin that is hyper-reactive and prone to acne, with more than 80% of teens and around 4% of adults experiencing acne, according to data from the scientific paper “Acne Vulgaris: A Disease of Western Civilization”.

The skin microbiome consists of billions of microbes that provide protection from bad bacteria, while working with the immune system to maintain healthy skin function, and a disruption of this microbial balance can lead to skin concerns such as acne.

How can probiotics help effectively treat acne in salon?

Research shows that probiotics are especially skilled at improving acne by reducing inflammation, inhibiting the overgrowth of bacteria linked to breakouts and restoring damaged barrier function. Bio-clinical skincare brand Esse is working at the forefront of an industry shift towards a probiotic future and has seen success with a more holistic approach.

The brand has developed a product collection that harnesses the latest science of the skin microbiome and works to treat the underlying cause of acne rather than its symptoms.

The brand’s professional-only Clarifying range uses biotechnology to restore the microbiome while treating chronic inflammation that underlies acne pathogenesis.

Esse has replaced synthetic retinoids with bakuchiol, included Provitamin D to supplement skin with the all-important “sunshine vitamin” and reduce inflammation, and has used four species of live probiotics to improve barrier function and help rewild the skin’s microbial ecology.

The clean product formulations balance sebum production and minimise disruption to the skin’s natural balance. The results of the Esse approach speak for themselves, with the at-home products providing a 38% improvement in Acne Grading Scores over an eight-week period*, with inflamed lesions reducing by 64% over an eight-week period*.

How does Esse’s Clarifying range work?

The Clarifying range consists of four products that provide a simple daily routine for clients that work to get acne under control:

  • Clarifying Cleanser, 100ml – this product gently detoxifies the skin. It is a non-foaming and non-stripping charcoal-infused cleanser that soothes, infused with probiotic extracts. Salicylic acid is also included to exfoliate and balance the skin’s pH.

  • Clarifying Oil, 15ml – a light, easily absorbed facial oil which acts as a sebum support to reduce the skin’s oil production. It contains a synergy of live probiotics to shift the microbiome, bakuchiol as a natural retinoid replacement and Provitamin D to help boost an essential component of healthy skin.

  • Clarifying Serum, 30ml – a skin supplement with 2% salicylic acid to help keep pores clear and niacinamide to regulate oil production. Probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients help boost the skin’s barrier function.

  • Spot Corrector, 10ml – a targeted spot treatment packed with salicylic acid, bakuchiol and niacinamide to ensure spot and inflammation relief.

For more information on the Clarifying range visit Esse Skincare or to become an Esse stockist email info@esseskincare.com.

*Results determined with 14 female subjects using the Clarifying Range over a 60-day period.

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