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The benefits of incorporating greenery in you salon space

Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

While the trend of bush treatments and outdoor experiences has grown, we are still seeing salon treatments being done behind closed doors – and for obvious reasons.

However, nature therapy is an extremely powerful and easy therapy to bring into your salon. It is not only important for clients having treatments, but for staff working in the salon or spa environment as well.

There is science backed information to support the movement of greenery indoors. We are connected to nature and living and working with it in our space will improve our overall wellbeing.

Studies have shown that plants indoors and in your workspace can create a sense of relaxation. This is because nature allows our central nervous system to be engaged and this generates a sense of calm and the beginning of relaxation before the therapist’s hands touch the client.

To find out more reasons why it’s good to bring the outdoors into your salon and which South African plants are safe to use for this purpose, read Lauren Gibson’s article on page 21 of the April 2021 issue of the Professional Beauty digital magazine. Click here https://issuu.com/professionalbeautysa/docs/pb_sa_april_2021

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