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Subtly-hued nails ruled the Emmys red carpet

Kerry Washington (Instagram @kerrywashington)

If anyone was hoping for avant-garde nail art on the red carpet at the recent Emmy Awards held in Hollywood, they would have been greatly disappointed.

The majority of stars opted for subtle nails, with many wearing nude, sheer and pearly shades. However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t beautiful nails aplenty on show. Actress Kerry Washington, for instance, wore very pretty, translucent nails with a delicate white floral design on some fingers. It was a bridal-like look created by nail artist Kim Truong to match her white asymmetrical gown.

Sydney Sweeney (Instagram @nailsbyzola)

Sydney Sweeney of ‘Euphoria’ fame had a quietly dazzling silver ombre manicure on her long almond shaped nails. Stylist Zola Ganzorigt, who was responsible for the design, also created a pretty and subtle look for Christina Ricci, in the ‘glazed donut’ look that previously went viral when worn by model Hailey Bieber.

Emmy winner Zendaya’s short, plain and pale pink nails in no way detracted from her spectacular black ball gown. E! red carpet host, Laverne Cox, had white talons courtesy of Eri Ishizu.

Squid Game’ star HoYeon Jung opted for nude coloured, squoval, not-too-long nails created by Yoku Sakakura, a nail artist from Tokyo.

Jennifer Coolidge (Instagram @nailsbyemikudo)

Comic actress and Emmy winner, Jennifer Coolidge, had her long, oval nails in a creamy pearl shade. Nails were by Emi Kudu, who actually made a set of custom press on nails for the star.

Reese Witherspoon (Instagram @thuybnguyen)

Also rocking a sheer style on her nails was Reese Witherspoon – a look created by Thuy Nguyen to go with her super-sparkly metallic dress.

Selena Gomez (Instagram @tombachik)

There were the odd bursts of bright and brilliant colour on the red carpet, most notably on singer/ actress Selena Gomez, who sported a humongous emerald and diamond ring on her index finger, which celebrity ‘MAN’-icurist, Tom Bachik, matched with a beautiful, glistening green hue on her short nails.

Lizzo (Instagram @erierinailz)

Always one for the claws, rapper Lizzo made a statement with super-long, post-box red stiletto nails, designed by Eri Ishizu. Said nails contrasted vividly with a hot pink, strapless gown so vast that it literally took over the red carpet.

Mindy Kaling (Instagram @thuybnguyen)

Thuy Nguyen created lime green French tips for Mindy Kaling, to match her vibrant, beaded dress.

‘Pam & Tommy’ star, Lilly James, had plain brown nails that toned in with her copper-coloured long locks. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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