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‘Status skin’ now all the buzz

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The Covid pandemic lockdown spawned the ‘skinimalism’ trend, but this is giving way to ‘status skin’, on TikTok at least.

So, what exactly is ‘status skin’? According to Premium Beauty News, while ‘skinimalism’ was all about a natural, minimalist approach to make up, ‘the idea behind status skin is all about revealing a fresh, luminous complexion, without having to use multiple layers of make-up, and above all, no longer having to camouflage one’s defects’.

A big focus of ‘status skin’ is based on healthy skin and using only essential skincare products (including serums), as well as tinted moisturisers/ creams.

Premium Beauty News points out that the ‘status skin’ trend also encourages facial massages for boosting the complexion. Massages can be performed either by the therapist’s hands or with tools (gua sha, jade rollers etc) or devices (massagers).

(Source: https://www.premiumbeautynews.com/en/trends-status-skin-is-the,21323)

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