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Spa safety SOPs to consider

Outlining your COVID-19 policy online and on confirmations sent will be a key factor in restoring confidence in the guest regarding safety measures, once spas are allowed to reopen in South Africa.

So says Tanya Lopes, Spa Manager at The Saxon, who notes that doing the above will also clarify the guest’s expectations on arrival.

She believes that the booking processes will also be a key factor in advising the guest on what to expect and what will be required of them on arrival.

“SOPs and training of staff will be paramount in ensuring there is consistency in the team and in the services,” continues Lopes. “Pre consultation and pre-medical questionnaires will need to be done with the therapist and guests to ensure we minimise consultation. A good rapport with the guest is going to have to be key so that the guests are re-assured that this is being done for their own safety and for the welfare of the employees.

“I believe that a spa’s SOPs on sterilisation and sanitisation, as well as the training of these, will need to be transparent and consistent in their execution to ensure that guests feel that all measures are being taken for precautionary measures against cross-contamination.”

In terms of boosting the customer’s journey post lockdown, Lopes comments that it’s necessary to accept that the spa journey will not be the normal that we know for some time. “Therefore considering a few value-adds that will make the experience unique might add to the guest having a memorable experience.

“We have some gifting that we manufactured last year which contains our signature scent and will allow the guest to take a bit of the spa relaxation home with them. As we also dispose of our slippers, we will offer these to the guest to take home with them as a reminder of their spa relaxation.

“Focusing on the senses of smell and sound will be paramount in creating a spa experience, which can emulate a portion of the spa experience as we know it.”

Lopes is one of the panelists on the South Africa session of the Professional Beauty Group’s free online World Spa & Wellness Conference, which runs from 12 to 14 May. Joining Lopes in the session (Thursday, 14 May @ 12h30 SA time) are World Wellness Weekend SA Ambassador, Taryn Lilley, who is the Spa Manager at Cape Grace; Debbie Merdjan (CEO – Camelot Spa Group); and John Lambrou (Managing Partner – Life Day Spa Century City & Waterfront).

To register for the South Africa session click here

To see the full programme for Professional Beauty’s World Spa & Wellness Conference click here

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