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Sound healing and its place in the spa sector

Photo by Magic Bowls on Unsplash

The beauty of sound healing is that it can be creatively curated into unique journeys together with any standard spa offering, such as combining sound with facials, body treatments and/ or yoga/ guided meditations, and private/ group sound bath sessions as well.

So says international visiting wellness practitioner, Michelle Saudan, who points out that sound as a vessel for healing is something that our ancient mystics have been telling us probably since the beginning of recorded (and perhaps even pre-recorded) history.

Saudan continues: “One of the basic tenets of using sound as a healing modality is simply this: we are like this extraordinary orchestra and we’re playing the symphony of the self. Every organ, every bone, every tissue, every part of our body is playing together, producing different frequencies, different sounds.

Sound therapy integrates various types of instruments such as: the voice, bells, chimes, singing bowls, flutes, string instruments, tuning forks, gongs and much more into a practice. Every instrument, when played, vibrates at a unique frequency and a frequency is often referred to as a pitch.”

To read Michelle Saudan’s informative article on sound healing, which appears on pages 24 and 25 of the July 2021 issue of the Professional Beauty digital magazine, click here: https://issuu.com/professionalbeautysa/docs/pb_july_2021/24?fr=sNTdlMzM5NDE1OTk

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