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Sorbet UK closes, Fuhr resigns from Sorbet/Long4Life

11 February 2019

Following the recent closure of Sorbet UK’s five London beauty salons comes the news that Sorbet founder, Ian Fuhr, has resigned from Sorbet/Long4Life.

The Sorbet UK venture had its own shareholders (including Fuhr) and was completely independent from JSE-listed Long4Life, which purchased the Sorbet South Africa Group in 2017.

According to Business Insider SA, Fuhr attributed the closure of Sorbet UK to an extremely tough trading environment that was exacerbated by Brexit uncertainty, a different work ethic/ culture and insufficiently trained local staff.

Professional Beauty contacted Fuhr for further comment but he declined, saying he would be happy to respond to questions at a later stage. However, Fuhr did emphasise that his resignation from Sorbet/Long4Life had nothing to do with the Sorbet UK closure. Sorbet UK had been in existence for three years.

Meanwhile, Sorbet South Africa, under CEO Rudi Rudolph, continues to thrive, with 207 stores countrywide. Fuhr opened the first Sorbet store back in 2005.

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