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Sorbet responds to lockdown crisis

During the national lockdown implemented on 27 March to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Sorbet support office has been guiding, advising and supporting franchises across all areas of the business.

This includes how to manage cash flows, as well as communication plans for Sorbet ‘citizens’.

Says Sorbet Group marketing manager, Sapna Naran: “Prior to lockdown, we initiated an even stricter hygiene procedure for our stores to follow, which was implemented and which will continue once we re-open. We are also working on marketing and operations plans for when we do re-open the business. The Sorbet support office is in constant communication with many of our franchise partners and ‘citizens’, thanks to great technology.”

Naran emphasises that Sorbet is using this time to build brand love with its guests and keep the Sorbet Group brands top of mind.

“Our franchise partners are doing the same to enhance our brand messaging,” she continues. “We are currently running a 21-day challenge across all our brand groups to provide our online community with lifestyle tips to help them physically, emotionally and mentally through this period. Some challenges are in line with particular brands’ quirky personalities, such as Sorbet Man for instance, and include a little bit of entertainment.”

All training has been put on hold in the interim.

Naran believes that in a time of crisis, it is crucial for the Sorbet Group to be fluid, creative and agile in all that it does, to ensure that when business resumes, the Group delivers the best of Sorbet.

“We will get through this together,” she emphasises. “The Sorbet Group has a guiding value that has always been ‘people before profit’. Even during this time of crisis, our values remain core and our focus will always be our people.” (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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