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Sorbet gets ‘masked’

South African beauty salon chain, Sorbet, has launched seven new masks in its in-house skincare brand that include peel off, sheet and foot masks.

The new Sorbet masks are: Charcoal peel off mask; Sorbet Man Charcoal peel off mask; Diamond peel off mask; Mineral Hydrogel mask; Charcoal sheet mask; Foot peel mask intensive treatment; and Sorbet Man Foot peel mask intensive treatment.

“All our masks are dematologically approved and designed for guests to have an inspiring masking experience, in and outside of the bathroom, from the packaging to the results,” says Sorbet group marketing manager, Sapna Naran. “Our charcoal masks have been innovated to accommodate men and women because we believe that everyone needs activated charcoal in their life.

“The Diamond peel off mask is formulated with platinum and diamond powder that illuminates skin, while the Mineral Hydrogel mask is an ageing solution that is packed with nourishing serums and argan oil properties.”

Sorbet’s new mask packaging includes re-sealable caps for ease and cleanliness.

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