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Sorbet enters peels market

In direct response to client demand, Sorbet will now offer peeling treatments at its salons.

Says Sorbet CEO Linda Sinclair: “An extensive consumer research study was conducted focusing on skincare. The results of the study indicated that our consumers would like results orientated skincare services, especially focused on peels for anti-ageing, pigmentation and brightening. Based on the results of the survey, we have launched new skincare treatments, including Exuviance superficial peels.

“As the advanced treatments must be performed by trained therapists, Sorbet citizens (therapists) undergo extensive product training. We ensure that all our citizens have certified qualifications and undergo a thorough assessment at our support office before they are appointed. We host monthly education classes at our support office for our citizens. Our extensive skin training covers skin structure, guest skin concerns, how to conduct a comprehensive skin analysis and how the various treatments we offer can be used to treat skin concerns/conditions. All our suppliers, including the Exuviance team, host monthly training sessions at our support office.”

Sinclair notes that Sorbet recently launched an 11-week extensive skin training programme, partnering with external, highly skilled skincare professionals and educators. Full assessments are conducted weekly to test Sorbet citizens’ understanding of the advanced skincare content covered in the course.

The Exuviance brand prides itself on having discovered the anti-ageing benefits of glycolic acid and on creating the first patented glycolic peel.

Says Nick Ford, commercial director Adcock Ingram Prescription: “We are very excited to be partnering with Sorbet to grow the Exuviance brand in South Africa. With greater ease of access from the extensive network of Sorbet stores, we look forward to Exuviance becoming a leading skincare brand.”

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