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Soaring demand for female wellness

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New research from Cult Beauty shows a whopping 783% increase in demand for ‘female wellness’, with revenue up by 176% for products in this category.

These statistics were compiled by analysing Cut Beauty’s online sales as well as Google trends data.

Female wellness products include everything from sex toys to supplements, and intimate cleaners to pelvic floor trainers and women’s hygiene.

Menopause products also saw high growth, with a 69% increase on perimenopause products year-on-year, and 73% for menopausal capsules (supplements).

A shift in female wellness attitudes comes at the same time as research from aesthetics company Sinclair, which found that 97% of women worldwide feel judged for how they look.

The data also revealed that the UK is the capital of female wellness, with the largest interest in female wellness compared to any other country in the world and 20,000 yearly searches.

Canada followed in second spot and the USA placed third. Australia and India completed the top five countries, which have seen the biggest increase in interest for female wellness over the past five years.

A spokesperson from Cult Beauty commented, “We’re always on a mission to raise awareness of female wellness, providing education and empowering women to feel more in tune with their bodies. It is great to see that demand is dramatically increasing female wellness and we hope it continues to head in this direction.”

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