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Skincare brand partners with Must Be Nice

Dermalogica South Africa has partnered with local business Must Be Nice to show the customer the power of adding daily affirmations to their skincare regime.

Created by Michka Wilson, Must Be Nice is a company dedicated to making nice words louder and more accessible to everyone through the creation of thoughtfully designed affirmation.

Says Wilson: “Collaborating with Dermalogica has been an absolute dream. I truly believe in and love getting to share affirmations and good words with people. And getting to share that love and platform with Dermalogica is overwhelming, in the best way. Thank you for championing and believing in local creators. And most of all thank you for believing in people in ways that go deeper than the surface.

“I love that Dermalogica’s values reach beyond just the surface. They care enough to encourage and support how you feel and how you’re doing on the inside too. I hope these cards bring you peace of mind while doing your skincare routine so you can know just how glowing and beautiful you always are.”

The collaboration is introduced alongside the launch of Dermalogica’s Daily Milkfoliant, which has been introduced with the aim of allowing the skincare consumer to make peace with daily exfoliation, by introducing a calmer and more peaceful product to exfoliate your skin.

This limited edition collaboration offers Dermalogica consumers a set of affirmation cards created by Must Be Nice when they purchase the all new Daily Milkfoliant online.

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