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‘Siren eyes’ trend tops TikTok’s beauty searches

Tik Tok Siren Eyes

Professional Beauty UK reports that new research from WeThrift shows that ‘siren eyes’ is dominating short form video app, TikTok.

This trend notched up 203.1 million views, with thousands of videos showing how to recreate the Greek mythology-inspired sultry eye make-up look. Dark eyeliner and eyeshadow are used to elongate the eye shape for a dramatic effect.

Another hugely searched for beauty trend on TikTok is unusual to say the least – ‘foundation in water’. TikTok creators have been putting their foundation into water before applying it to the face, in an effort to add moisture and make make-up last all day.

Also an extremely popular TikTok trend, namely ‘slugging’, involves applying petroleum jelly your face as the last step in your beauty routine. The trend has been hailed as a miracle by users suffering from spot-prone skin and is said to improve dry and irritated skin, whilst leaving an undeniable glow.

A look rocked by supermodel Kendall Jenner at this year’s Met Gala – ‘bleached brows’ – is trending strongly on TikTok. Professional Beauty UK suggests that if your clients want to try out this trend but are unsure about committing to bleaching their own eyebrows, then you can create a bleached effect by brushing concealer through the brows.

Model Hailey Bieber’s ‘glazed donut’ nails, which sees a neutral colour thinned with top coat before a chrome effect powder is buffed on top, is proving very popular on TikTok, as nail techs across the world scramble to recreate the look.

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