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Sales inspiration from a pioneering force

Photo by Photomix from Pexels

Reality Works founder Anneke Seley is credited with fine-tuning the concept of modern-day sales development – that of identifying, connecting with, and closing leads.

Shelley Walters of The Sales Counsel writes: Anneke Seley’s ideas and drive inspire me, as someone who is in the business of sales myself, on daily basis.

Reality Works is one of the foremost sales strategies and implementation consultancies, and Anneke has co-authored a number of books, including the highly popular Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology.

She graduated from Stanford University in the early 1980s with a degree in Human Biology and fully intended to follow a career in public health, when her career path was diverted by Larry Ellison, who offered her a position as the 12th employee of the now multibillion-dollar global computer technology corporation, Oracle.

During her time at Oracle, Anneke designed and pioneered Oracle Inside, the company's extraordinary internal sales operation. This is, in fact, the first sales development team on record, and her strategies and processes were picked up by many other well-known B2B technology companies. Anneke’s virtual sales team was the quickest growing revenue generation engine at Oracle and, in spite of a distrusting and hostile field sales team, Anneke leads the way in what was a revolution of its kind.

She has become known as a champion of innovative sales thinking and diversification for over 30 years and her current company, Reality Works Group (formerly Phone Works), is a sales strategy and implementation services firm for today’s business reality.

Using Anneke’s unique and diverse expertise in phone, social selling and online selling – Reality Works has helped countless businesses increase their turnover at a low cost, using the key Sales 2.0 practices of measurable, scalable selling, with an increase in engagements and fostering relationships with their customers.

Their sales models are supported by marketing and technology, in an age when inside sales (or remote selling, working with your clients and prospective customers from afar) is growing around 3 times faster than field (or face to face) sales. Having an inside sales team alone is no longer a differentiator – the sales team must perform better than anyone else’s.

Anneke is a recognised pioneer and thought leader in the modern sales and marketing realm and has had a significant impact on the world of sales that we love and enjoy today.

Shelley Walters is the Founder of The Sales Counsel, a B2B sales training provider and the creator of Africa’s first Remote Selling School based in Johannesburg, South Africa. www.shelleywalters.com

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