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SAAHSP celebrates 50 years

Image by spabielenda from Pixabay

The 7th of September 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of SAAHSP (South African Association of Health & Skincare Professionals).

Says acting SAAHSP president, Joelette Theron: “SAAHSP is currently striving to become the Statutory Professional Body for the industry. Our aim is to keep education as the main focus of the association and to ensure that both the formal and informal sectors will be represented, as the need for jobs in South Africa is of utmost importance.

“We would like to thank all past Presidents, Honorary Members, Board Members, Members, Training Providers, students and all industry stakeholders for their continued support of the organisation. With you, we will keep going for another 10 years.”


SAAHSP was first known as the South African Institute of Health and Beauty Therapists (SAIHBTh) when it was formed in 1972. It was subsequently registered as the CIDESCO Section South Africa. From 1973, SAIHBTh / SAAHSP hosted successful congresses across the country.

In 1979, SAIHBTh drafted its first Constitution, constructed along with the Code of Ethics for the Profession.

Says Theron: “Twenty-six years after SAIHBTh was established, times had changed and the goal was to change the institute into a Professional Body and so in 1998, SAIHBTh became SAAHSP.”

On the 16th of August 2001, the PAB (Professional Assurance Body) achieved official ETQA Status. (ETQA is now known as Quality Assurance Councils, which accredit Training Providers.) This was set up by directors Debbie Merdjan and Philippa Crichton for accreditation purposes and was an unbelievable achievement as only five private companies had this accreditation from SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). Due to the need for ownership of the Qualificaiton previously owned by PAB, Tina Scholtz Honorary Member, was integral in getting

SAAHSP appointed the Quality Assurance Partner (QAP) for the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO) since 2014. This allowed SAAHSP to become the Accreditation Body for the Health and Skincare Qualification.

SAAHSP was awarded Professional Body Status by SAQA on the 19th of March 2013 and registered and quality controls the following Designations: Nail Technologist; Beauty Technologist; Beauty Therapist; Somatologist; and Advanced Aesthetic Therapist.

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