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SAAHSP 2024 - What's in store?

Updated: Feb 27

As the professional body for the skin, body and nail care industry in South Africa, SAAHSP has a vital role to play within industry and is legally constituted to protect the Public Interest in relation to services provided.  The organisation develops, awards, monitors and can even revoke Professional Designations. They regulate Continual Personal Development and continue to support the growth within the industry through standards, education and registration of all involved within the industry.  

2023 saw the renewal of the SAQA accreditation certificate for SAAHSP for another 5 years and with the renewed SAQA certificate the following designations were confirmed.


Nail Technician ( NTHS)

Beauty Technologist ( BtHS)

Beauty Therapist ( BHS)

Somotologist ( SomHS)

Advanced Aesthetic Therapist (ATHS)

In September 2023 the First SAAHSP Beauty Indaba was held at Professional Beauty to bring the industry together and discuss various issues which needed solutions especially in Education and Career Developments. This collaborative conference was a resounding success and has led to the Second Beauty Indaba to be held 10-11 March 2024 in Sandton where industry experts will be unpacking Career and Educational Changes within the industry for 2024. Click here to book your ticket to the Second Indaba.

South Africa is a dynamic market for the beauty industry and SAAHSP members are proud of their membership. The new grading initiative was launched in September 2023 for all members to further promote compliance, professionalism, excellence, and ethics within the industry.  Site visits are to be conducted once members have declared conformance and submitted documentation.  The Pilot Projects will be completed by the end of April. Grading is set to boost membership and confirm that ethical professionalism within the industry is a boost for business because all staff are registered and designated with the Professional Body.  The Grading process within SAAHSP is an extension based on the existing standards and norms developed by SAAHSP when salons were first evaluated in the early years. With the new requirement to have all therapists listed as designated therapists and registered for continual personal development we hope to ensure that all industry role players comply to industry norms and work within their scope while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. Our graded facilities must be able to offer a safe environment to all clients.  

With the appointment of Feroza Fakir as the first woman of colour for the body, SAAHSP has made a bold statement that they want to be seen as an inclusive body for all.  With words like Grow, Inspire, Connect and Support for 2024, SAAHSP is connecting more industry role players to ensure compliance and professionalism at all times.

Click here to book your ticket to the Second Indaba.

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