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SA to participate in Global Wellness Day 12-hour livestream

Global Wellness Day 2019

Several South African wellness professionals will make presentations at the Global Wellness Day (GWD) online event on 12 June 2021.

This is the 10th annual GWD celebration and will take place across six continents, with the theme: Protecting Our Mental Wellness – for both Children and Adults – During and After the Pandemic.

Following last year’s never-before-done and very successful, 24-hour free live broadcast in the face of the pandemic, this year’s special day will be celebrated online globally with a 12-hour free livestream in concert with safe, public events and complimentary educational wellness offerings around the world. Notables showcasing their work during the livestream include an award-winning nature cinematographer; a biophysicist/ former NASA scientist and light sciences expert; an Olympic gold medalist; best-selling authors; nutritionists, spiritual leaders, YouTube wellness stars and more.

The 12-hour, free livestream will illustrate the value of being proactive and taking responsibility for your own physical and mental health with 10-minute segments on topics that range from nutrition and exercise to scientific breakthroughs for fighting pathogens; from fortifying mental and spiritual health to building compassionate communities.

Says GWD’s Istanbul-based founder, Belgin Aksoy: “In a world where one in 10 people live with a mental health disorder, necessary steps to protect our minds and soul must be taken. Young people are more vulnerable than adults. According to a study, those aged 16 to 24 are the group most likely to report feeling lonely, especially those who are shy and introverted, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation. Never has GWD’s message of One Day Can Change Your Whole Life been more meaningful.”

In terms of South African online presentations during GWD’s live streaming event on 12 June, stress consultant, Bridget Edwards, will talk about handling stress in these uncertain times, while Stephanie Grosvenor from Vitamin G is to present on functional nutrition. Grosvenor will also reveal easy steps to live the 7-step manifesto of GWD. These are: walk for an hour; drink more water; don’t use plastic bottles; eat healthy food; do a good deed; have a family dinner with your loved ones; and sleep at 10pm.

Ishana Maharaj from Sophrology will demonstrate breathing techniques and exercises for quality sleep. Coach Cords’ Daniella Corder is to explain how to eat and train according to your monthly cycle. An online yoga class will be hosted by Carelene de Jager from Yoga House.

GWD South Africa ambassador, Emmy Stoltz, is in the process of confirming participation from spa and wellness properties, which will offer complimentary events to guests, in line with social distancing and masking regulations

Internationally, many leading personalities have confirmed their participation for this year’s event, including humanitarian, spiritual leader and an ambassador of peace – His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – who will lead the global meditation session.

To find out more, please visit https://www.globalwellnessday.org/ and follow the local Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GWDSA


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